What Is Renkai?

Renkai is awakening to the state of your true nature.

When you awaken to your true nature there is no running, no escaping, no denying, no repressing. There is only allowing, accommodating, inviting, and accepting.

Actually there is nothing to accept or unaccept. It just is.

Renkai just is.

It may help to ask yourself who you really are.

  • Are you just a physical body?
  • Are you in any way transcendent beyond the physical?
  • Are you the observer noticing the physical body?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer. The intent is to explore, with curiosity and openness. Leaving behind dogma or any rigidity. Just explore.

Renkai is formless, infinite and eternal.

Renkai is the mystical essence of all that is.

You embody the essence of all that is, here and now.

Renkai is not separate from you. You are Renkai.

Renkai is You.

Stop searching, stop seeking. Just be with what is right now to discover it.

It isn’t somewhere else, no mantra is required, no belief is required. No words need to be said to gain access. It isn’t something only certain privileged members can access.

Renkai is available to all, therefore Renkai is available to you.

Renkai is what is happening right now.

Living Renkai means to live in the now, taking part in this experience of existence.

It is ready to be experienced by you, as soon as you are ready to experience it.

Renkai doesn’t resist. The only resistance is in you.

Renkai encompasses both resistance and non-resistance. It is a state of pure being-ness.

One with all that is.

Ultimately, there is nothing else but Renkai.

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